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Life can be better for all when recycling is known, understood -- and available.

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Building & Recycling
for over 10 years

We’re known for developing innovative, eco-friendly products and operations with less energy and material waste that preserve resources, with an emphasis on affordability for all.

Strategic Partners
from across the U.S

We’ve been making our biggest impact through partnering with experts in industry, government, NGOs and academic institutions here in Georgia, the Southeast region, and across the United States. 



Through our commitment to excellence and mutually beneficial partnerships, we have reached 30,000 consumers, earning environmental and business recognition.

Interested In Greenwood Global (“We Build Stronger”) Affordable Homes Initiative?

Greenwood Global, Inc. --through the use of its recycled, stronger, and more affordable building materials -- is committed to helping individuals and families live in affordable housing they can own and pass on for generations. 

Reducing homelessness and increasing affordable home ownership are integral to Greenwood Global’s core mission through the use of environmentally recycled materials and processes.

Greenwood Global’s “We Build Stronger” Affordable Home Ownership Program:

  • Helps to raise funds for 25% of the home value being built, while the future homeowner puts in their “sweat equity”;
  • Reduces the future homeowner’s loan up to 50%, making remaining loan payments affordable, allowing up to 15 years of payments;
  • Establishes a 10-year homeowners plan with future homeowners;
  • Supports future homeowners with securing a job, or starting their own business to ensure the affordability of home ownership. 

With financial contributions like yours, Greenwood Global is building homes for families who are a part of the “We Build Stronger” Affordable Homes program that families can not only afford, but that they can own.

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"We are experiencing supply shortages, sky-rocketing lumber costs -- and a decrease in skilled labor across the country. All of these factors are negatively impacting traditional home builds right now in America. It’s time to come together and focus our knowledge and abilities to help deserving families everywhere to live with dignity -- and create a family legacy for future generations."

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Interested In Greenwood Building Materials (GBM)?

Greenwood Building Materials are easily accessible for builders/distributors in the state of Georgia and the Southeast region.  


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2547 Lithonia W Dr., Lithonia, GA  30058

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